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Stand Out (A Goofy Movie 1995)
Tevin Campbell
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From the popular movie "A Goofy Movie" released in 1995. Surprisingly despite just how popular the movie was, there is NO midi of this song! Kind of ridiculous to think and I have already checked everywhere on the internet. No luck. So, I would really appreciate it if you can make a midi of this song happen! Check the video below to listen to the original song performed by Tevin himself.
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telespentry 3 months ago

so I may be workin on this

patdiddy 1 months ago

this would be so cool if we had it!

Midihunter98 1 months ago

Wow, finally about time some people are commenting here and I am quite surprised some people still remembered this movie! I think Goof Troop is one of the most underrated and long forgotten classic like Bonkers, Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, you know those shows.

Anyway, I REALLY need a midi of this song for my Kingdom Hearts fan game BIG TIME and without it, my fan game starring Goofy wouldn't feel complete without it! :(

My name is Phil, I draw and program games but I can't write music or make midis! That's why I need someone who is very willing to help me with making midis I couldn't find especially music that not much people would care or make a midi cover of.

Midihunter98 1 months ago

@telespentry Would you please be kind and try doing a midi of my other requests as well? I need Ripple Town from Mother 4, Mondo's theme, Sophia's theme, and Duke's theme from Battle Arena Toshinden, and some of the songs from certain Mario sports games like Tennis and Golf, more particularly Toadstool Tour and the Tennis 64 game. Toadstool Tour and Tennis 64 both have great soundtracks! The Gameboy Color and Advance ports have ugly soundtrack though. :(

I am also hoping to find midi artists who can do some midis from Conker 12 Tales and Higurashi When They Cry as well! Please drop me a line if you're interested! Thanks.


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