Bein Friends (Catherine Warick version) 1989 - Catherine Warick (permalink)

Bein Friends (Catherine Warick version) 1989
Catherine Warick
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detailed info I want to request this song because the Catherine Warick version was never made into midi despite how very popular this song is of the Earthbound games. This version had vocals so I would like this midi to have a lead instrument along with drums and bass. I DO NOT want the complete song, only starting from 0:28 to 2:05. I want the midi to loop from 2:05 back to 0:28 where we hear the drums again like the start of the midi. I want this midi to repeat 2 or 3 times depending on you. With no fade, I am planning to use this for a game and I promised to credit you once used! I only need the midi file to change the sounds with my favorite soundfonts. I hope you understand and thanks!
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