Title Screen - Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat (NES CANCELLED) - Rob Hubbard (permalink)

Title Screen - Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat (NES CANCELLED)
Rob Hubbard
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https://vgmsite.com/soundtracks/chuck-yeager-s-fighter-combat-nes/frumsdbm/01_Title%20Screen%20%26%20Menus.mp3 copy and paste the link above on your address bar from the top of your screen to hear this song I want to request for midi! This song comes from a cancelled video game planned to release for the classic Nintendo system NES but cancelled for unknown reasons. Just recently, Chuck Yeager, who was known for a very famous pilot and a fighting veteran who once was involved during WW2 fought against the Japanese after the infamous bombing incident on Pearl Harbor Bay, died around 2020 and I thought this might be good timing to request a midi from this incredible find of a long lost prototype that should been found years ago or better yet, should been released as it was going to be one of the first ever flight simulators with artificial 3D graphics for a very old 8-bit system during that time! its a horrible shame why this had to be one of a very few prototypes that seem to be forgotten or not many gamers are aware of it since there already been hundreds of prototypes released lately by the fairly generous hidden palace. please include lead, bass, and drums!
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