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Call Me (1985)
go west
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detailed info copy and paste youtube link to your address bar on top of your screen to hear this song! this song was best known for gta vice city video game on ps2 due to popularity of the gta series and ongoing legacy of rock star studios whom was previously known for other classics such as lemmings, silicon valley, body harvest, and several others. NO KARAOKE. please include lead, bass, and drums! if there other instruments in the background please include them as well!
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Midihunter98 10 days ago

as a side note, this song was originally not very popular or hardly known during that time when other bands started showing up, releasing hits that somehow gained better attention than this. as a result, NO ONE ever made a midi of this song despite gta vice city already exists and because there no free midis of this song out there, all the greedy cheapskate sites would go on to make their own crack to sell it while others who desperately want it would waste their luck and time begging a midi download on youtube as those who made the vids were customers who bought the damn things while ignoring their wishes because they believe giving a free midi is illegal but on the otherhand, there are sites that has midis from official bands FREE without any legal issue, so, I don't really see the point to sell midis, I think its just a matter of selfish and greedy people out there who are too desperate to try anything they can to gain profit to pay up filthy rent and bills. such selfish cheapskates the whole damn world is! :/


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