I Don't Want to Live Without You (1987) - Foreigner (permalink)

I Don't Want to Live Without You (1987)
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https://youtu.be/XFLw2E35Fq4 Copy and paste the youtube link above to hear the song I want to request! Complete midi only! No karaoke! You must include vocal/lead, bass, and drums! If there any other instruments playing in the background please include them in the midi! Additional info This was originally performed by Louis Andrew and not Mick Jones. Mick Jones was only the writer of the lyrics and does not perform in vocals to clear up any confusion with who the singer is. Check the song title for the year when was this released! If you are interested in making this midi, please make it a high priority as this song is not easy to find in midi! We really need a midi file of this song. There currently no midi of this song despite popularity with Foreigner. If you can make more than one version of the midi such as remixes and arrangements, add them on the same page or separate midi uploads!
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