On my own (I can be strong) (1988 Bloodsport movie) - Stan Bush (permalink)

On my own (I can be strong) (1988 Bloodsport movie)
Stan Bush
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https://youtu.be/AU7MPYF_1I4 Copy and paste the youtube link to hear the song I want to request! Complete midi only! No karaoke! You must include vocal/lead, bass, and drums. If there additional instruments playing in the background, include them in the midi! Other info about this song, this is from the 1988 movie Bloodsport! Best known for one of the earliest American karate films! (not to be confused for a kung-fu film as those are mostly Asian films made in Asia. Bloodsport is American action film to clear up confusion). I want this midi to be top priority to be made as there no midi of this song yet! Even if there was, its always likely for sale and not free! I want the complete song in midi format. Do not use recording or converting, you must create the entire midi from scratch!
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