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Into the night
Benny Mardones
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detailed info Copy and paste the link above to hear the song I want to request! Complete midi only! NO KARAOKE. Please include vocal/lead, bass, and drums. if there any other instruments playing that are not mentioned here, please include them! I already searched for midi of this song and as of right now, most sites don't have Benny Mardones possibly due to lack of popularity or maybe he's just too well known for making midis we could get for free? other sites do have it but always for sale which is BS to me. Look at the Queen, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, and other bands that have over tons of midis, most of them are always free but why not Benny? he has decent amount of music just like any other band, you people on the net are bunch of greedy idiots who are always afraid to make midis for FREE because of BS copyright laws, those midi files have been around for a LOOONG TIME if the bands are really that serious then they would take all the midis down but the midis are still here and I don't see what hurts people or the sites for making midis we want. The whole thing about making midis from old bands for free is just right for me because most people like me don't want to afford wasting money on something you guys actually made yourselves, the bands never make your midis and I don't even care what they think of us making midis because we LOVE their shit lol. So do me and the whole damn world a BIG FAVOR, stop acting like a greedy idiot and your BS excuses about ridiculous fears with making popular or underrated music into midis. Most of us are not really talented or that into making the midis ourselves, its more complicated than you ever think! Anyways just make the damn midi and I'll be happy thanks!
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